Our Dancer Profiles

Get acquainted with some of our available feature entertainers and exotic dance professionals.

Miss Alice


As a Feature Entertainer, Miss Alice is a vivid conversationalist, with a myriad of skills that will lend to her allure and expertly transport you to wonderland. Miss Alice is the embodiment of a Scorpio, she is magnetic and exudes prowess both on and off the dance floor.



Miss Calista is a commanding presence with her curvaceous body and her demure personality, she is a force to behold. Her inexplicable beauty and voluptuous figure meld together with her kind and generous nature in a seamless blend of desire and untouchability.



Miss Cypress is gregarious and bubbly with an eye-catching figure. A traditional entertainer who can make aerial acrobatics seem absolutely effortless. Miss Cypress will keep your guests in awe for weeks to come.



Miss Lady is tall and sleek, with a Goddess appeal. Her fluid movements allow music to come to life as she transports you to blissful energetic realms beyond comprehension.



Miss Stormy is whimsical and intelligent with an out-of-world allure. She has an exotic appeal and is truly in touch with her innermost wild card.

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