About Exotic Eugene

Mission Statement

Becoming a dancer at an early age, our proprietor experienced many damaging dynamics within unhealthy club environments.

Those dynamics have given rise to the mission statement of Exotic Eugene.

At Exotic Eugene Our Mission is to maintain a safe, healthy, and fun environment where entertainers can thrive.

Within that mission, we aim to consistently reignite the fervent and timeless passion that has cemented female entertainers as a mainstay across every culture. Bringing unforgettable magic to the venues where we perform. 

We are modernizing divine feminine expression to encompass mixed media, movement, and safe sensual expression while incorporating high-vibrational music and sound healing.

Traditionally, “Dancers” have embodied, deep sensuality and the mystery of our innermost desires. 

To us dancers play the role of a muse, they should be held sacred, and our mission is to ensure that our entertainers are viewed as such.

Vision Statement

The ultimate Vision of Exotic Eugene is to encourage women’s entrepreneurship and see that independent contractors such as exotic entertainers have increased opportunities for skill development, theatrics, safe sensual play, and ultimate control over their careers. First and foremost, Exotic Eugene will maintain a safe space for all of our entertainment staff at all times of contractual employment, as per Oregon law and in accordance with all state and federal anti-trafficking laws.

Exotic Eugene will maintain a safe and sacred space for all of our entertainers, clients, and affiliates alike. As per all contractual agreements, women will always be honored and respected within their divine feminine expression. As we work together with our clients we can be the change and create magic. 

Exotic Eugene is restoring the art of belly dance, reclaiming the roaring 1920’s and resurrecting the excitement and allure of traditional exotic dance, ONE EVENT AT A TIME! 

Exotic Eugene is proud to be founding an anti-trafficking trust here in Oregon. We stand firmly on fiduciary principalities, both as a business and in our personal lives. 


Client Responsibilities

At Exotic Eugene, we attract ONLY the most affluent and cultured individuals. Our clients are exceptional community members who understand the value of high-end entertainment and prioritize the well-being of all entertainers. Our clients’ honor and respect our entertainers as well as themselves.

Exotic Eugene is only associated with clientele who are accustomed to enjoying the privilege of having access to exclusive and opulent forms of private entertainment.

We are Exotic Eugene!

Exotic Eugene offsets our carbon footprint by 300% via our hosting provider GreenGeeks. Be the change!